Product Care

Care for your Outdoor Furniture

Shorea Timber is a tropical hardwood grown in Malaysia.

It’s properties are similar to teak and has a natural resistance to decay and insects.

The Tredor furniture range has been treated with teak oil at the factory. To maintain the original appearance, you need to treat with suitable wood oil prior to exposure. Left untreated, the wood will weather to a silvery grey.

As Timber is a living product it needs to be cared for and periodically tighten any fittings.

Care Instructions

In all circumstances, before exposing the timber to the elements, you need to treat it with suitable wood/teak oil.

If you are going to leave your furniture fully exposed outdoors permanently it is recommended you take extra care of it.

It is recommend you:

Teak Oil Application – Before use, apply suitable wood/teak oil (with UV resistance) to all the timber and then regular application depending on your climate conditions.

We recommend Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil – Hardwood, with UV resistance and follow their directions for use.

Outdoor Furniture Cover – for maximum protection, especially in extreme weather conditions, cover your outdoor furniture or store away when not in use for long periods.

Important Note:

If you leave the timber fully exposed to bake in the sun, the moisture content in the timber will be completely drawn out of the timber and will result in movement, surface cracks, splitting and warping. This is a normal reaction of the timber under the circumstances.
This is why it is very important that you maintain & take good care of the timber and cover it with an outdoor furniture cover.

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